View Full Version : Spawncamping 24/7 is worth banning?

23.05.2013, 19:03
It's really a game hinder, this guy is always on the server and always spawncamps with an autosniper. He always spawncamp on T spawn of de_dust2 server. If he is not camping, he still camps between t-spawn and b -tunnel. It's not that I dislike his style of playing, but I really dislike/hate him being hindering every round every time. So many players are actually complaining about this, talking he should be banned for hindering the game all the time. It's pretty frustating you actually have to wait on that last dude thats spawncamping continuesly. The name of this player is called Coldbecks.

Of the 24 players that are online now, everyone is frustrated about his continues hindering. Is this ban-able?

23.05.2013, 19:21

I know it's sometimes frustrating to wait when the "camper" dies. And many players gets angry because of it. But camping on saigns.de servers isn't reason to give a ban for him. Saings is public so everyone can play as they want to play.

29.05.2013, 05:48
Well, camping can be an easy win for CT. When you're CT and you're getting killed by snipers all the time, it might be because you're rushing on a de_map which is selfmade suffering. Just chose a good spot on A/B where the sniper has a disadvantage and wait for T to come. Done.
It's the same way T is allowed to operate on cs_maps - secure the target and wait. Yes, it will cause longer round, but it works.

I've experience the same Situation yesterday. Three snipers were camping at T spawn. So? Just wait on the bomb spots, so they are made to move, when they don't want to lose (time out).
Other tactics can help as well - Regroup. 3 men cover A long/double doors (nope, don't take a look. You know snipers are camping at the spawn!), 1 or 2 A short, rest covers B, or split up, so 2 go B, 1 tries to meet the other CT at A short -> upper middle and 1 enters catas, to join the rest from B and try to reach the backside of the T spawn, or just wait there for them to come.
We tried several combinations and we won many times, despite camping Ts.

Last but not least use the tactical advantage of flashbangs and smokegrenades. Staying at the same position has the disadvantage that the enemy always knows how to smoke it out, and where not to show up unless some backup/security measurements have been made. First smoked and finally blinded by flashes that came from three different directions, a camping T can also become an easy target for your P90. So, throwing a flash in a good angle, a well placed smoke..., it all helps to kill campers. Sure, some CTs will most likely die too, but in the end the win/loss rate should be balanced.
Teamwork guys, even possible on a public server.

To come to an end; three guys were caming, but they lost often, because they either run out of time, were overrun, or smoked/blinded and killed. End of the story was, that the campers changed their tactic and switched from sniper to mg/rifles.
All without a plugin, swearing, or threatening.
Just because there are some bots and premium players have additional hp doesn't mean the tactical aspect of the game has to be ignored. It is up to CT, if the tactic of the T is working.

btw: If the bomb is camping you can call an admin or tell the camper w/ bomb he is not allowed to camp, as refusing to plant the bomb can be punished with a kick.

Ist doch leichteres Spiel für CT. Wenn man als CT auf eine DE_Map meint ständig rushen zu müssen und dann jede Runde via AWP ausgeknipst wird, ist das eigenes verschulden. Einfach mal auf A/B eine ruhige Kugel schieben.
Je nach Position sind die Scharfschützen dann im Nachteil. Ja, es zögert die Runde raus, wirkt aber Wunder.
Gestern gleiche Situation gehabt, also auf den Bomb-Spots gewartet, bis die Herren genötigt waren anzutraben, um nicht zu verlieren (time out). Auf kurzer Distant wurden die Sniper natürlich nicht genutzt, also war man im Nahkampf mit MG vs. Handwaffe im Vorteil.
Andere Taktik - Aufteilen. 3 Mann über Lang zur dd, 1-2 über Kurz, der Rest auf B, oder über Mitte und B in die Katas und dann Richtung T-Spawn. So schnell und viele konnten die später gar nicht mehr erwischen und wurden weggeputzt.
Zuletzt blieb der taktische Einsatz von Smoke und Flash. Eine feste Position hat schließlich den Nachteil, dass der Gegner immer weiss, wie man sie ausräuchern kann, oder die Rübe nicht ohne Absicherung rausstecken sollte. Wirft man eine Flash also anständig über Bande, gehen eigentlich immer 1-4 Ts drauf, weil sie blind sind. Mit etwas Teamwork fliegen dann halt 2-3 Flash (aus verschiedenen Richtungen) gen T-Spawn und ein blinder Sniper wird schnell Para- oder P90-Futter.
Natürlich können paar CTs draufgehen, aber i.d.R. hält es sich die Waage.
Die drei Ts, die gestern am campen waren, haben also immer öfter verloren, eben weil sie nur am campen waren. Das Ende vom Lied war, dass sie ihre Taktik ändern MUSSTEN. Und das ohne Plugin, Gefluche oder Drohungen.
Es liegt also allein an CT, ob die Ts dauerhaft campen, oder nicht.