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17.09.2014, 00:19
this is the original post i wanted to make today around 15:00h.

the demo is very long and i still cant tell if he is cheating or not.
what i know is, he is "great" with the negev spray. he gave me instant headshots with it right when i peeked a corner, he killed a dude on A long and me up on A at the same time. but when i watch him it all looks random/lucky.
he is very average with the awp and ak.
he also has 3000hours of cs1.6 on his account. so naturally he should be a good player. but who is sooo good with negev but so average with ak and awp?
what i also know is that he was aware that im spectating him

[14:38:04] DM #Dust2 #1 ( xxxxxx , xxxxxxxxxxx ) lol are u serious kid? u went 2 times spec
[14:38:10] DM #Dust2 #1 ( xxxxxx , xxxxxxxxxxxx ) only to find out that im levels ahead of u

i did spec him twice at the beginning. each recorded, each only for a few minutes because it looked legit. but everytime i went back into the game and chased him down he killed me in great fashion/negev/headshot/reactionspeed.


so again. only watch this if you are bored.
its easier to tell when "noobs" hack because of their movement and behaviour doesnt match the aimskill. but this guy has played cs for over 3000hours.

but i didnt post this earlier today, because the demos dont prove alot. and my gut feeling (which is right in 98%) alone is not enough.

now i googled his steam id in search of suspicious stuff.
the first thing i found is that he changes his nickname 10x per day.

the most interesting thing ive found was a saigns.de knebel for flaming.


aaaand what do i see. he accused alot of players including me as a cheater. i was new at cs go and killing him alot, i even remember it. dont forget, today he owned me with negev.

obviously this guy thinks everyone is cheating and started to cheat himself because of it.

also check out his chatlog from today, cs go de_dust2 tdm server #1

he really dislikes it when someone is spectating, saying the person should join or leave to not waste server slots.

[14:04:17] DM #Dust2 #1 ( Yoshi , 0:33407019 ) shadow join a friend of mine wants to join too
[14:04:21] DM #Dust2 #1 ( Yoshi , 0:33407019 ) stop holding slots!
[15:26:55] DM #Dust2 #1 ( Yoshi , 0:33407019 ) riki stop spectating me please people wanna join

so if you are bored and willing to watch 30minutes+ of demos, then go for it. but skip the AK and AWP parts. only the negev parts are worth watching.

17.09.2014, 09:33

He's texting a lot, but i don't know if this is enough for a Knebel?
He's got one Knebel Eintrag, but is was harder words last time i think.

But i don't have much experience with such a Situation, let us see what other Admins say about it.

17.09.2014, 11:19
das ist der klassische Dummschwätzer, der sich aufbläst. um sich
wichtig zu machen , der log von Riki-Oh zeigt da schon andere "Qualitäten",
sowas würde ich persöhnlich auch direkt knebeln, und wenn sowas öfter
vorkommt (und das wird es. mit an sicherheit grenzender wahrscheinlichkeit) ,
= so die erfahrung= dann sollte der typ mal für ne woche . oder länger in gag -urlaub
gehen , zumal der auch non-prem- ist , das ist meine kenntniss von solchen Spezels,
ich weiss nicht wie andere Kollegen das sehen . doch ich würde beim nächsten mal
meinen Gag Stiefel anziehen, und den kräftig in den allerwertesten treten,
#denoway , von denen gibts genug ....

17.09.2014, 11:47

17.09.2014, 17:18
jo Azze, da kann ich dir nur beipflichten
Der Typ hat meiner meinung nach wirklich mal nen Tritt verdient.

Ich hatte den gestern schon in der mache, aufgrund seines Nickchanges gegenüber Riko-Oh.
2.mal hatte ich ihn verwarnt seinen Nick zu ändern, dem ist er nicht nachgekommen, also hab ich ihn vom Server gekickt.

17.09.2014, 19:00
Dass hier nicht nach einem Gag, sondern nach einem Ban fürs Cheaten verlangt wird, habt ihr aber verstanden, oder?

17.09.2014, 19:05
Dass hier nicht nach einem Gag, sondern nach einem Ban fürs Cheaten verlangt wird, habt ihr aber verstanden, oder?

ja hab ich .... dann Ban den Spezel doch ,,, vieleicht versteht Der die Sprache #daffy

Grüße U.

23.09.2014, 05:17
vac banned now