View Full Version : Is VAC fully patched?

16.09.2019, 00:12
As I'm seeing an awful lot of ... strange... behaviour on the servers.

Almost as though some players can see through walls.....

Then again what would I know, I've only been playing for almost 20 years.

16.09.2019, 09:14
We have premium benefits on the server like distanceradar. Maybe that´s what you are thinking of. If not, is there any particual server you are thinking about or any special players?

16.09.2019, 12:41
I know as I am premium myself, mainly play Office.

Not going to mention specific players, merely politely enquiring as to whether an eye is kept upon the servers. It isn't by the way about kill / death ratios, at one point I had 100:1 when the server was quiet, so mainly against the bots.

I do however often find the decisions made whilst viewing player actions decidely suspect, which impacts upon my own enjoyment of the server. I'm not naive enough to expect a completely clean game, though feel it could do with a wash. :)

17.09.2019, 08:01
If you are thinking about office I have also noticed that sometimes it happens that it´s possible to see through the port, but not all the time. Why , I don´t know. Maybe one of my fellow admins have an idea.

We are always looking for cheaters so if you are suspecting someone for cheating, come to the chat and inform us if you don´t want to do an admincall.

18.09.2019, 09:08
As mello said, the most players have premium. Some players are either very good or they cheat.
The best way to go on is in this case to record a demo or to make an admin call. If I suspect someone, I ask someone of my steam friendlist or record a demo myself because I don't want to warn the player I suspect.

It's also nice to have another player who plays the bait against the cheater and wallhack traps him when you record.
Someone who pretend to turn the corner and the cheater may prefire him or going to spots the cheater could have never known.
If this happens a couple of times in 1 demo, then you have the cheater

If you suspect a certain player, you can always share your views and there will be a closer look. It's just a question of time until a cheater expose himself and gets caught.