View Full Version : Saigns Server Administrator Excess: HL2DM - Runoff

20.02.2020, 18:02
I would like to express my nasty opinion about the administrators of Saigns.de - HL2DM: Runoff.

The Kamikadze SK player for "Bugusing" was banned today. I know this player very well, and a person like him cannot use bugs. Nobody kicked him, they threw him into the ban without warning. Tell me why he was banned, specifically for what action? If it was a ban for bugs of the map, then Slay or kick is usually used. This is a disgusting behavior of the admin "aPnp", which uses its administrator rights on the server. I would like to transfer this administrator to change his mind and unban this player, since a ban without warnings is wrong and ugly. Be people and not bitches. Thank you bye.

20.02.2020, 18:58
Well hey there,

here is the Ban, you will have to wait for Paula and his answer.


21.02.2020, 05:43
he is banned for three days cause of repeated roofing, just watch the demo. regards

21.02.2020, 12:12

clearly roofing.


4.1 Leaving the map / Roofing (Bugusing)
Leaving the map in any kind, is not allowed.

The punishment for this is ok because it was not the first time he did it.