View Full Version : [Wallhacker] CS:GO Dust2 mostly

07.04.2013, 23:15
Steamid: 0:144991
Premium: YES
Testaccount on day: NO

Reason: His aim is at head's height before the enemy goes around the corner. He doesn't have premium so he can't even know they are there.

Demo: 668

I play alot on the CS:GO servers, and am an admin for about a week.
This player is named Clochard69, please inspect the video with the above reason.

Move to > premium please

EDIT: the steam id had 1:0:144991 (instead of the 0:144991) so i though he didn't had premium.
This dude still has some serious aiming skills..(not an aimbot) he just knows where to wait for them.

27.04.2013, 03:10
I just watch to demos and see anything for wallhack or preaiming....no ban my turn..

i watch of drawothermodels 2 and anything see

27.04.2013, 16:32
I don't know what you mean.
Do you mean you think he is hacking or not?

27.04.2013, 16:34
Ye, his english #lach

I think he mean that he isnt hacking #gruebel