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    [How to] Become a Saigns-Admin

    • 1. Prologue
    • 2. Tasks as Saigns-Admin
      • 2.1 Admin-Support for 1.6
      • 2.2 The Level-System
    • 3. Requirements (Only long time saigns members with at least 1000 hours spent on chat and a 2 years old Steam account are able to become admin.)
    • 4. Upgrades
    • 5. Application
      • 5.1 Register with Saigns
      • 5.2 Join Sgn
      • 5.3 Become Premium-Member
      • 5.4 Converting premium into an admin account
    • 6. Every beginning is difficult - Getting started
    • 7. Epilogue

    1. Prologue:

    Being an admin can be stressful and is a world in itself. It can also happen that you won't cover yourself in glory, because you fall between the cracks.
    Anyway, even as admin it is not allowed to set oneself up as judge of everyone and everything. You still have to follow certain rules of engagement.
    You really have to be up for that work and remember that being an admin is connected with work and responsibility.

    2. Tasks as Saigns-Admin:

    Your job as Saigns admin is to ensure that everyone can play without disturbance and have fun on our servers. You have to remain objective, stop insults, prevent conflicts and take care of cheaters.
    Additionally you may be asked to pass an opinion about a certain topic or your knowledge is needed elsewhere.
    We discuss several topics on the forums, help users, type in the chat, or do some shenanigans on Teamspeak. Right, you're working with other admins in a team, but that's not always the case.
    If you're doing good you will get more powers and responsibility with the time and you'll be allowed to work much more independent.
    By the way, you decide when you want to work. There is no duty to be online for so and so many hours every day, or play on all game servers we provide.

    2.1 Admin-Support for 1.6:

    Many people like to become an admin, so they can act against cheaters.
    This is no problem for the games with full admin support (CS:S, CS:GO, TF2), the support for CS 1.6 is limited, though. Despite the limits it's still possible to ban mischief-makers in 1.6.

    2.2 The Admin-Level-System:

    Saigns uses a ranking system for admins that consists out of 7 ranks. Every new admin starts with level 1 and has restricted powers. More powers will be granted after you've proven yourself and get a higher rank (upgrade).
    This method gives us the opportunity of a better judgment, if an admin can cope with the given level.
    Please notice that an admin can also be degraded or even dismissed, if he abuses the given powers.
    Further details about upgrades are noted below.

    3. Requirements:

    Before you become an admin you should meet the following conditions:

    • Be a registered member of Saigns
    • Own a premium account at Saigns
    • You've spent at least 1000 hours in our chat
    • Your Steam account is at least 2 years old
    • You're at least 16 years old
    • Master the German or English language at least in comprehensible pencil and paper form.
    • Own an account that isn't banned by VAC
    • Have no entries at Saigns (gag or even ban)
    • Have no bad reputation at other communities, e.g. for flaming, hacks...

    If you meet the requirements you're be able to convert your premium account into an admin account that is requiered to apply for the admin assignment.
    Nevertheless, Saigns reserves the right to refuse applicants (afterwards) even if they meet all requirements.

    4. Upgrades:

    The next step, after you got accepted as an admin, is the familiarization. There you will learn the basic procedures and our rules. After that you can begin with your job.
    To receive a higher rank (get an upgrade) you only have to do the following things:

    • Join the chat and talk to a few people
    • Participate on the forums (constructive/helpful input)
    • Be objective and treat all players equal
    • Do not insult other players, members or admins
    • Know the basics (Saigns' rules, recording demos, recognize hacks, essential commands)
    • Report players that break the rules
    • Do not accuse innocent players (recognize hacks correctly)
    • Do not break any other rules of Saigns
    • Be patient

    It will be recognized, if you can keep the standard permanently. All admins who are at least two level above your's are able to vote for you. After you've received five votes you have to type upgrade into the chat and you'll receive a higher rank, which is related to more powers.
    If you use them correctly and responsibly the procedure will repeat.
    The highest rank for an admin is level 7, but these admins are chosen directly by the clan administration.

    5. Application:

    You have to join Saigns to become admin, but no worries, we see ourself as a community and no a clan, so you don't have any duties like training, clan-wars etc.
    The only duty is to join our chat if you want to play on the Saigns-servers. Else you'll be automatically kicked by the system.
    You're not registered with Saigns? Then read the chapter 5.1 below.

    5.1 Register with Saigns:

    Click on the main page on 'I want to register an account'. (1)
    Pick a nickname, enter a valid e-mail-address and chose a good password. Last but not least read the 'Terms & Conditions' and accept it by clicking on the square in front of 'I have read the Terms & Conditions and accept it'.
    Finally, enter the displayed code into the empty line below and click on 'Register'. (2)
    That's it. You'll now receive a confirmation via e-mail that includes your entered information. (3)
    Now you can log into your account and join the chat. (4)

    5.2 Join SGN:
    Log into the chat (1) with your registered account and type 'ich will sgn joinen' (means 'I want to join sgn' in German) and Sgn will ask if you really wish to join.
    Confirm that by clicking on the underlined link that SGN is whispering to you. (2)
    Now log off and then log in again.
    If you did this right the chat will show you the 'info-box' which asks for your Steam_ID.
    Please read chapter 5.3 (How do I find my Steam_ID) if you don't know it, but if you do, then type it into the blank space and click on 'SteamID speichern' (Save Steam_ID) to become a member of Saigns. (3)
    Lastly, your e-mail-address is required once more. There are two possibilities now:

    • 1) Log out and in again to get the info-box that is asking for your e-mail. Enter it and click on 'E-Mail-Adresse speichern' (Save e-mail-address). (4)
    • 2) You stay logged in and tell SGN your mail-address by the command '/sgn email YourE-Mail-Address@Mail-Hoster.com'.

    Congratulations, your registration is complete.

    After you've spent over 1000 hours in the chat (time in offline-mode counts, too), you need to type the command '@admin werden' (become admin) in the chat. Sgn will give you a link that forwards you to a page, where you can convert your premium account into an admin account. (1)
    You're no premium member? Then read the chapter 5.3.

    5.3 Become premium member:

    Visit our premium site and click on "Become a premium gamer". (1)
    Read the description and click on 'Ok, I want to become a premium gamer' if you agree.
    Go on and fill in your nickname, mail and Steam_ID. (2)
    You don't know your Steam ID? Then read the description below.

    How do I find my Steam-ID?

    You can visit Steam-ID-Converter to figure out your Steam_ID. Type your Steam-Account-Name into the blank line and click 'Convert'.
    Your Steam_ID will be shown in the first line (STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXXX). Check the shown picture as well. If it is not your picture you have entered the wrong account name (capitals, small letters, numbers and special characters; they all do matter!).
    If you do not want to use that site for whatever reason, then launch Steam and click on your user name or on your avatar picture in the friends list.
    Your profile will be displayed in either case. Now copy the URL from the URL line or do a right click on your profile picture and select 'Copy page URL'. (1)
    Paste this copied URL (on the premium page) into the line that asks for your Steam_ID. (2)

    Click on 'Yes, continue' if you agreed to the Terms & Conditions. (2)
    Now select your premium package and payment method. (3)
    In the last step you have to do the payment. (4)
    Your premium account will be activated as soon as the system received and assigned your payment. Premium is no subscription. There is no additional contract duration, or any other additional costs. Further details can be read in the Premium-FAQ.

    5.4 Converting premium into an admin account:
    If you followed the link that SGN provided to you, you will see your provided information (nick, mail, id). One premium day equals one admin day.
    Click on the '... Tage als Admin gutschreiben' (Accredit ... days as admin), to continue. (1)
    If you agreed to the conversion an e-mail will be sent to you which includes a four-digit security code.
    Enter that security code into the blank line that is labeled with 'Sicherheits-Code'. (2)
    Click on 'Jetzt umwandeln' (Convert now) to activate your admin account. (3)
    Our system will inform us about your admin request. After a review it will be deceided if your request will be accepted or declined. If you should pass your admin-account will be activated and you start as level 1 admin.

    Congrats! You are now a Saigns admin!
    Please read the following chapter 'Every beginning is difficult - Getting started' to be well-prepared.

    6. Every beginning is difficult - Getting started:

    As admin you have access to the internal admin-forum. There you'll find several discussion as well as tutorials. Take your time to get familiar with it and learn the basics.
    That includes how to open the console, how to record a demo, the admin-commands and our rules.
    You should also know how to recognize the most common hacks.
    Powers are limited at the beginning as already mentioned above. Therefore you have to deal with the given possibilities.
    So, record a demo and inform us in the chat if you notice a cheater. Should no admin (level 3+) be available, then make a request and post your demo on the ban-forum. But please follow the rules for ban request.
    You can give a typed warning for insults or spam. If the user ignores it, just let us know. With help of the server-logs we will check the circumstances and gag this user if needed.
    If people start to argue try to calm them down.
    Be fair, follow the rules and help us to keep the peace and you will get your level 2 soon that allows you to kick people.
    Starting from level 3 you get access to our ban-list and you're allowed to gag people and ban cheaters yourself. This privilege has to be earned, though.
    Additional powers are granted by the even higher ranks that can be used in game. Nevertheless, we do not tolerate inappropriate use or even abuse of powers. An admin can and will be punished/degraded for abusing powers. In the worst-case scenario an admin will be dismissed and banned from Saigns.

    7. Epilogue:

    On the one hand the function of an admin can be exhausting and costly. On the other hand we get thankful members, keep the servers alive and shape our community.
    Usually, everyone needs some time at the beginning, but in the end it becomes easier and can also make fun. You can rely on other admins and ask for help, if you have a problem, or you find a solution yourself.
    Play by the rules and you will have fun, meet new friends and become a valuable member of Saigns.
    Even if you don't dislike the work as admin for whatever reason, you can always change back to premium. Being an admin isn't for everyone.
    You'll find out what suits you.

    May you do well!

    Created with the help of Barney and BoehserOnkel.
    Additional translation error correction and updated by SirFluff.
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