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Thread: Breaking point

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    Quote Originally Posted by VolKan View Post
    This is just ridiculous, and it needs no further explanation as to why.
    And with a response like that there is no need for me to discuss anything with you. Even though you might think you know it all, maybe you don't. But to make headway from one point to another, you have to actually say what you mean. Calling something so ridicolous that no explanation is needed may be clear to you what you think, but it is not clear to me at all....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRXD View Post
    I'm not going to get too into this, because unlike Volkan, I'm not nearly as passionate a user. By uploading the video and making the comments I have, I'm merely trying to support his case, because Saigns is important to him. It should be. He's a premium user, and I think people who pay to play on your servers deserve quality.

    1. Kicking Players

    I've been playing TF2 long enough to know how to report a cheater, and I do so every time one appears on a server. They will be banned eventually, but that isn't quick enough for me. Kicking them isn't permanent, this I am aware of, but most hackers will find other servers to pester, from which they will also be kicked. And so on and so forth until they either a) become bored, or b) get banned. After all, the more servers they visit, the more reports will be filed about them. This is preferable to waiting for them to leave of their own accord. The two hackers in the video I posted had a jolly old time mocking the other players.

    Okay, I will add a littlebit on this one. We will never agree on the kick part. May be other solutions but just kicking them imo never right. However, Saigs is a mulitgame comunity. Do you know have many false admincalls we get everyday and waste time on? Too many. So, instead of just using admin:reason, if you actually record a demo, and upload it here, we will see the thread, and know that the chance of there actually being any cheat, is much higher then just the admincall. So me personally, I would check the demo from a new post long before joining a server. If not, join the chat and tell whats going on. Admin:Hacker/Hackers is the most common admin call, and usually results in noone cheatin, just people whining.

    2. Reporting Hackers

    Saying you intentionally ignored my call rather proves the point Volkan and I were trying to make, does it not? It happens literally every time a cheater appears. Obviously I can understand that being more specific will get an admin on the server quicker, and I shall try my best to be more specific in the future, but it doesn't say anywhere on your servers that you have to be exact. It only says something along the lines of, "Type admin: reason to call an admin." I believed "hackers" to be enough of a reason until just now, and if more than one player calls an admin about said hackers in a short period of time, it shouldn't be ignored.

    The answer above covers this also. But it does not prove anything. What it prooves is that when a call comes from TF2, wich I don't play, saying HACKER, and I have multiple calls from our other games saying: Test has aimbot/ Test - Wallhack. I go where the call is more concrete, because based on experience, the call is more likely to be real instead of just people whining.

    3. Unanswered Calls

    I get that you guys do this stuff voluntarily, and I appreciate it, but you all say the same thing. "I'm a volunteer, and I don't always have time." Do you know who would gladly be an admin? Me. If it didn't cost me anything but my spare time. Volunteer work, for me, means working without pay and without having to give money out of my own pocket. I'm surprised that so many admins pay to be premium, but don't seem to be online all that often, or have better things to do. Of course, admins wouldn't be needed so much, if you guys would just enable the ability to votekick.

    Again, we are a multigame comunity. And like this com as all other big ones, the standard has always been that admins pay for admin rights, even though they do much work for the comunity. And so it is here. You have to be premium to be admin.
    And no, with votekick, we would be needed as much, we would be needed even more to deal with everyone misusing it!!

    4. Potential Recruitment

    I'm 20 years old, fluent in both English and German, and I'll be starting an apprenticeship in which I'll be learning programming. As far as I'm aware, I have no bans on record to speak of. I'm an ideal candidate and would be interested, if I could afford to be an admin, which I cannot. Unfortunately. If I felt like it would be possible, I would be doing everything in my power to become an admin to end this debate. But alas, I'm not as passionate as some. I even intend to move on from TF2 at some point and focus on real life things. But thank you for your advice!

    We all leave gaming, either for good or partially at times. Volkan is byuing stuff for alot of players on 2fort I hear, so he would probably gladly pay it for you :P

    I do hope I haven't come off as rude. My tone in the video might not have been all that pleasant, but I had recorded it directly after having to deal with those two hackers, who were very arrogant. I just think that bringing back the ability to kick players would attract more users to your servers.
    Oh, and you did not come off as rude at all :)

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    Having some ideas or problems with the Server and want to be a help, thats ok.
    But mostly i see now only complaining about internal things from saigns, which are none of your business and you don´t have any idea about it.

    There are reason for almost everything that got mentioned already, but it seems that you just don´t want to understand them.

    Thats gone way too far by now. And because of this, this topic is closed.

    Any further threads that will lead in the same direction will be delated directly.


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