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    Neuer Benutzer
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    suggestions about the server runoff


    My username is mrspider666, and i'm now for 5-6 days
    a player of your server half life 2 : deathmatch : runoff.
    i noticed on this server a bugusing, used by lots of players,
    generating lots of bans - including myself-
    that is commonly called "roofing" which consist of ascend on the roof of the map
    with crates.

    after some researchs on it trough the forums,
    i think i understood that this bugusing is considered
    as "cheat" because it authorizes
    players who are "roofing" a wallhacking, by seing trough walls
    of the roof, and a sort of invincibility to bombshells when the
    bunker procedure is started.

    the problem of this bugusing is that it is creating, from my point of view,
    a lot of useless bans, who are wastes of time both for "cheaters" and for admins,
    that it would seem good to me to solve.

    It's why i suggest 2 solutions, which i will develop the advantages
    and inconvenients that i see in each of them.

    the first solution i suggest is to create invisible walls to stop peoples
    who would try to "roof".
    advantages :
    • it would definitely stop the problem of roofing
    inconvenients :
    • it could take time to make
    • it could make lose the cool stuff of roofing including : parkour, accesibility

    => the issues could be the loss of some players on this server, but would stop
    the problem of roofing and all useless bans it created.

    the second solution i suggest is to model and adapt the roof to stop wallhacks
    and invincibility to bombshells.
    advantages :
    • it would let people have some fun with parkour
    • it would extend the map, who is, for me, a bit small
    inconvenients :
    • it could take time to make

    => the issues could be an extension of the map, could maybe make the server more attractive,
    but could be long to make.

    thanking about your consideration of the suggestion.

    mr spider
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    Neuer Benutzer
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    I tried to make a custom version of runoff with clip brushes but the lighting is always off. (Most likely because it's decompiled)
    It might also be possible with Stripper:Source if brushes can be made with it.

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    Neuer Benutzer
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    I strongly agree with Mr. Spider666 about roofing. As much as I enjoy playing on that server I'm starting to get fed up with this. Please program the game to automatically kill anyone who gets on the roof. While your at it, could you also do something about spawn camping? Getting repeatedly killed 3-5 seconds after re-spawn is incredibly frustrating and can ruin the game for new players (or even experienced ones) who log on only to get instantly killed.


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