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Thread: ADMIN Empir????

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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Motzen ADMIN Empir????

    dear Saigns guys i´m playing for years on you servers!!! Rank 27 on the assault server!!!
    Today i was on the server and The "admin" kick me randomly! he said as a ct i was camping too much!!!!
    he kicked me when there was 50 seconds to go and i was against 4 terror by myself.
    than i have to rush?? few rounds later other cts were camping but he never kicked them???
    what is the rule??? have the cts go inside??? if the dont they will be kicked? and when did this rules start??

    i have never seen a admin behaviour like this on a saigns server!!!!

    and than he was arguing with me how i have to play!!!

    seriously this is not an admin behaviour!!! this is childish!!!!

    best regards

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    You must be mad, not even remembering my nick right

    1. your rank has nothing to do with anything. Being ranked 27 does not give you more or less rights then the others
    2. Randomly? I said pls don't camp every rnd right? And as a result you said you could play however you wanted? Or am I mistaken? Then you rambled on about how it is my problem when I die so fast? And that it gives me more time to cry? Correct? Then you were told about the map objective, wich is the hossies, correct? Then the next round you were camping again, like the previous rounds while the rest of the team was trying to the objective. So I kicked you.
    3. That you think I am the funniest admin ever is fully ok. You can think what you want.
    4. You were the one arguing, was trying to answer you as good as I could. But you were not interested in listening.

    SO, here it is. At saigns you can play however you like, BUT: MAP OBJECTIVE IS TO BE FOLLOWED! That means, that camping rnd after rnd after rnd is not ok. If you camp a few rnds, then mix it up and try to kill all T's or get the hossies, then camp some and mix it up, all is good. But not round after round after round non stop hanging back watching the rest of team CT get killed. It is as simple as that.

    And you would not understand this on the server, I will try again. NotmeNato, as a CT got inside the compund and was "camping" outside hossieroom, trying to find the rest of the T's. That is not the same as camping start of the bridge. And staying there for the complete round.

    On a sidenote, I only start warning people to get a move on if they camp some rounds non stop. Try to tell them that the mapobjective is to followed as good as it can be. You are the first to take it like this. And as I said, if you like nonstop camping, play T

    Hope that sums it up ok for you.


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    Neuer Benutzer
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    lol PRIME!!! like i said Childish!!!!
    THAN you have to kick all the ct players who are playing on the server regular!!!
    they are camping alll the time!!!!
    lord pimmelgurke, RG 69, notmenato, JElle and and and!!!
    but i never seen thats and then you start to kick the people randomly, just beacause u are dying all the time in the first 30 seconds!!!
    its not my fault that you are killed all the time!!!
    like i said i never have seen a player kicked beacuse of camping!!!
    but if you have a bad day its not my problem, and not the problem of the players on this server!!!

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    Have you tried to listen to yourself?

    I can't do anything about anyone when I am not on the server. You understand that right? And while I am on there, they get the same message you did today.

    If you can't see the difference between camping round after round, versus camping every now and then. Well, I can't help it.

    And that I die fast, is a result that I am a rusher. And I use the time while dead to spectate people to see if they are clean or not.

    But, you have my appologie on 1 thing. You always come and play with a different nick, so not easy to keep tabs on you. But I will remember you steamid now. And in the future, you are wise to not chat to much with your foul language. In the past you have been gagged and tempbanned on a few occations. You next gag comes quickly if you continue with you language on the server like you have had the last two weeks. And just so you know, this has nothing to do with the camping ;)

    But I will not answer you here again, as you obviously show it has no purpose at all. Have fun


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    I just can confirm that, depending of how much Prime dislike you, so is his reaction. I call it admin abuse.

    Nice example from today. I was kicked without warning with "Language" remark for the following quote:

    [21:07:28] Assault Only ( MUTE ALL , 0:143035582 ) die schleimer lohen den admin
    [21:07:32] Assault Only ( MUTE ALL , 0:143035582 ) loben

    Prime is looking for everything I could possible do wrong to punish me, this is not an appropriate behaviour for an admin but this is a shame honestly. With all the fool language against me, people get warned and warned and warned and I got immediately kicked with no warning and more important for nothing.

    Very very sad true story of Prime

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    Thats not enough, after Prime read that Thread he gagged me for?? For nothing again.

    All I said in between in the logs (the logs don't lie):

    [22:10:46] Assault Only ( NEVER GONNA STOP , 0:143035582 ) roof (dead)
    [22:13:01] Assault Only ( NEVER GONNA STOP , 0:143035582 ) komisch nach mir trifft er gar nix mehr (dead)
    [22:13:07] Assault Only ( NEVER GONNA STOP , 0:143035582 ) immer nur mich (dead)
    [22:13:10] Assault Only ( NEVER GONNA STOP , 0:143035582 ) danach is ende (dead)
    [22:13:19] Assault Only ( NEVER GONNA STOP , 0:143035582 ) eines tages bekomm ich ihn (dead)
    [22:13:34] Assault Only ( NEVER GONNA STOP , 0:143035582 ) vent (dead)
    [22:13:40] Assault Only ( NEVER GONNA STOP , 0:143035582 ) happy (dead)
    [22:13:53] Assault Only ( NEVER GONNA STOP , 0:143035582 ) na 3x darfst du raten (dead)

    Wo bitte ist hier auf nur ein Funken von einem Grund für einen Gag?

    Prime, you are just a joke as an admin.


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    Your behaviour is starting to be kind of annoying you know?

    I can't count on two hand the number of people who have received gag's after ghosting you. It quite a few. And you have many times called admin on it.

    Now when you do the same, it is nothing? I was on the server. You said nothing the round before when you died. When it was happy, you had to say. And before you went spec and wrote the first post. You flashed twice inside on purpose. Flahsing happy and one more standing beneath you.

    So be carefull wich actions you choose to do. I am often on with other nicks like you know when I spec someone. This time I actually thought it would be happy flashing you. But I guess he has learned his lesson. About time you do the same!


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    on the same day, this is what happy said:

    [13:18:51] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) i complained about hausmeister
    [13:20:03] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) i only use ato against hausmeister
    [13:28:19] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) mal nicht beleidigen hier bitte (dead)
    [13:28:28] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) sonst sind wir nicht besser als Hausmeister (dead)
    [13:40:18] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) except Hausmeister that guy is a cunt lol (dead)
    [20:35:42] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) hausmeister is here (dead)
    [20:36:03] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) fun is over big time
    [20:36:05] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) hausmeister style
    [20:38:41] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) Hausmeister came CT
    [20:38:46] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) becuase he cant loose :D
    [20:42:11] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) and hausmeister is back to ct (dead)
    [20:55:26] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) i generally dislike Hausmeister by now :/ (dead)
    [21:11:10] Assault Only ( whineyMcwhineface , 1:237846282 ) if u are referring to Hausmeister

    This guy is ALL DAY complaining about me and did he receive a gag from Prime??? Of course NOT.

    I wasn't playing for 4 days, I joined at [20:26:43] Assault Only Spieler Noobiekiller ( 0:143035582 ) hat den Server betreten

    and even from 13:18 happy is attacking me hours before I am online and Prime is supporting this!!!

    [20:29:07] Assault Only ( Prime , 0:4240951 ) funtime is over (dead)
    [20:35:42] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) hausmeister is here (dead)
    [20:35:54] Assault Only ( Prime , 0:4240951 ) like i said, the fun is over (dead)
    [20:36:03] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) fun is over big time
    [20:36:05] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) hausmeister style
    [20:37:34] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) love u prime <3
    [20:50:34] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) destroying every game huh Prime?
    [20:50:45] Assault Only ( Prime , 0:4240951 ) i'm used to it (dead)
    [20:50:54] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) u cant be serious (dead)
    [20:51:00] Assault Only ( happy. , 1:237846282 ) its just not fun (dead)
    [20:51:04] Assault Only ( Prime , 0:4240951 ) that it aint (dead)
    Last edited by Hausmeister; 15.02.2018 at 23:37.

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    You really gagged me for ghosting one single time?? Are you serious?!

    We both know whats your real motivation behind, you are just looking for a reason. And see the logs, you let happy attacking me all day and finally if I get to a point to counterattack, then you punish me?

    Now you see the log, where is his gag for attacking for day by day, hour by hours?

    Show me Prime!!!
    Last edited by Hausmeister; 15.02.2018 at 23:38.

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    I kicked him for his nick that was probably aimed at you. That line with cunt I did not see, because i was not on then.

    For the bottom part. We had a great competitive game, with wins from both teams. Chat was fun, guys had fun.

    Then you came along, went T and started that auto crap (yes it is allowed, but still crap) and T was overdominant like always. That line he said about: destroying every game huh Prime?, I took as a response to a good round I had cleaning the T house, not aimed at you at all. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

    The rest is just the truth. You came and made several people leave because the fun ended.

    What more do you want me to say? You always have to be the victim, and you never seem to understand, that, all though you are allowed to play how you want, it does not mean that other people is happy with that and will stay and play what so ever. So fun was over. And that is a fact. That is, fun for those of us who was having fun before you joined. After, I guess you had alot of fun. Cudos to you ;)

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