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    Player called Bone Head abusing in militia


    I've to say that I'm new in this kind of forums, but I joined here because I (well, not only me, but I decided to share the problem with you) have a trouble with a player called Bone Head. He uses to play in the Saign's militia's server, always as CT.

    The problem begins when he starts playing, because from that moment to the moment when he leaves the server, it doesn't stop: he's always abusing, camping round by round (I repeat, being CT) specially nearly from the CT's respawn zone and insulting everyone who reproaches him his way of playing in the server.

    Farther, I have noticed some strange and suspicious things about him, such as the existence of the possibility that he is using some type of hacks (specially wallhacks, the most suspicious one), but is an admin's job to take time to observe his movements for take a decision for this problem.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I told you in game yesterday that camping is allowed aslong as he does his mission as ct to rescue hostages or kill all terrorists. I´ve watched him several times and have never seen any cheats. You also said that you have proof that he cheats and I told you to post them here at the forum, but I still haven´t seen any proofs. Post the demos and we will watch them.
    Peace and have fun!

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