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    I'm in a state of mind that the "flame" part I wont comment. I'll look more into it later.

    As for the flashes. After your 3'rd call I was on the server until you left Hausi. Mostly speccing Hawk and waiting for his teamflash. U know what, it did not happen once. So maybe he did the first 3 times, but for the 15mins or so I was there until you left, he did not flash you once. 3 times another T threw the flash, from above outside hossiedoors. The other times was flashes coming from outside.
    So just because you see one name on #fire in the hole" does not mean it came from them ;)

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    Wonder why he stopped not only with flashing but also with ghosting and flaming once you joined. He knows when you are online and adjusted his behaviour accordingly. But the logs, especially for ghosting won't lie. And its not just the 3 or 4 times he ghosted me, its the summary of all provocation together.
    I was abroad for a couple of days, not even online and first time I play he immediate started to attack me for no reason.

    Think this way Prime, if I would do the same, you would give me a very serious warning for it, which you already did for much less than this.

    All I request is that everyone will be treated the same way. Otherwise you grant Players like him the right to continue with this bs
    Last edited by Hausi; 29.10.2018 at 12:19.

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    Well I was on with my incognito account, so he would not know ;) I will get back to the rest :)

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    Did you say you will come back on it? When? Christmas?

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    It's already xmas, so yeah I guess so. Sorry forgot about this one. And it's been so long no gag will come from it.

    However, even though I did forget this particular thread, I still watch his language. And not only his, I often check what's going on when not playing myself. So far I have seen no particular reason to gag him. But he is on a shortlist (meaning he has previous entries in the system, and meaning he seems to not really have learned anything from his previous ones)

    Hope that is good enough for you, if not you have my deepest apology.


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