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    teamflashing predator


    leider sehr große Demo, aber in voller Länge Flasht er mich absichtlich 4-5x nur in dieser Demo.
    Habe zu spät angefangen mit dem recorden.
    habe ihn auch mehrmals drauf hingewiesen, aber stellt sich dann auf "dumm" und tut so als wüsste er von nichts.
    kann man in den chatlogs nachvollziehen von heute ca 13.30uhr.

    die demo ist 50mb groß deswegen habe ich sie mit winrar auf 12mb gepackt. leider noch immer zu groß um sie hier rein zu posten, deswegen ein link on " zippyshare " hoffe es funzt.

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    50 mb demo..............

    I went to download this and the malware on the website is extreme got at least 20 blocks for malware hijack and pup with malwarebytes I downloaded it and watched some of it. Clearly he is trying to annoy you. Funny thing is this guy has a brand new steam account made on 23 oct 2018 i think I would need to check but thats the date I remember. I did leave when you aksed and rejoined under a different account but he mostly was afk for a lot of rounds. Even though he has a new steam account he seems to also know everyone on the server SMILE. You need to keep the demos 2 or 3 rounds long and stop then record to a diff name like record predator2 etc. Also type status inn the console so we can see who is playing and the steam id's. Thank you for the effort and if he does it and im online message me on steam and tell me and I will jump on under a different account and record him for you. :) If I join as an admin he will know and just stop.
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