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    Flaming steam_0:1:425643 Chriss

    Requesting a ban

    Nickname: Chriss
    SteamID: steam_0:1:425643
    Violation: Flaming
    1.) https://www.file-upload.net/download...riss1.dem.html
    2.) https://www.file-upload.net/download...riss2.dem.html
    Game : C.S 1.6 Italy

    Audio!! Es nutzt das Micro um zu flamen! Ausserdem folgender Log-Auszug:

    [22:48:10] Italy Only ( Chriss , 1:425643 ) scheiß Cheater
    [22:52:24] Italy Only ( Chriss , 1:425643 ) na ja du scheiß Cheater sau (dead)

    Es gab keinerlei Aktion von mir vorneweg. Hier geht es einzig und alleine um die Nutzung von Premium. Es kann nicht sein das ich mich als Prem-Spieler laufend beschimpfen lassen muss!

    Genau das passiert wenn es keine Strafen gibt, immer mehr Spieler fangen an Premium`s zu attackieren

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    Also here, no previous warning, so will see if I see him online and warn him. (have not checked the audio yet, so unless it is some heavy nazi stuff, it's will be like this)

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    Hello folx,

    I "had" similar problems, as he now doesn't get that angry anymore. Maybe because I muted him in the game or staying objective!!! ;)

    He actually is a quite good player (even for his age which he claims as being over 50 but doesn't behave in this way) but has some problems with better players or now Premium Users. (Funny note: Why is he playing on Premium servers then?) ;)

    I had a Deja-vu when I remembred the rizjj story but rizjj never insulted in that way!!!

    I told him to make a demo to proof his view and not to insult instead (which changes nothing at that moment) but he won't listen. I even offered him to put my personal demos to the Forum. I think you can guess his answers! ;)

    Here a small summary of his compliments (voice):

    Pisser, Arschloch, Cheatersau, Wichser, Pickelfresse, Hurensohn, Pisslappen, Schwuchtel... etc

    He is a really nice guy :)


    PS: If needed I have some demos with voice either from his first visit ;)


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