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    Activities against Premium Players

    Ich möchte hier mal eine generelle Frage stellen; Ich als Premium Spieler werde ständig attackiert, sprich geblockt, geflashed und beschimpft. Regelmässig poste ich dazu Beweise wie Demos, Logs etc.

    Wie in drei aktuellen Fällen wurden trotz eindeutiger Demos keine Handlung vollzogen weil es noch keine vorherigen Verwarnungen gab. Wie kann es sein das zahlende Spieler derartiges über sich ergehen lassen müssen und hier eine entsprechend lose Strafen-Politik herrscht? Ich kann verstehen das man nicht jeden Spieler gleich sofort bannen kann wegen Kleinigkeiten, aber jemanden der einen 20x flashed und sich auch sonst dauernd über Premium-Spieler auslässt, warum man diesen vorher erstmal noch verwarnen muss? Der Timeban wäre doch eine gute Möglichkeit diese Warnung auszusprechen, zumal der erste Ban meist nur über 3 Tage geht.

    Ich glaube das ist nicht im Sinne des Betreibers, Premium Spieler die sonst nichts verbrechen sollten nicht so behandelt werden dürfen!

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    No players should be treated this way, premium or not!!! The rest you know the answer to.

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    But you know that Premium-Players are the primary Target here, thats the issue

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    Well your buddy Jihc ain't no premium. He has gotten plenty of the same stuff.... I know alot of premium players that don't get any of this.

    Idiots will always be idiots. And they do stuff towards people they don't like, premium or not.

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    JihC is a different story. He misses no chance to annoy and attack all kind of players, no wonders he get something in return. You should read his logs and you will quickly understand.

    For me its just using Premium & Auto. Isn't too bad. Don't tell me about spamming, there is no on Italy where I get the same bullshit.
    Most people can't deal with it to loose and very quickly premium comes to their primary concern. As long as the just dislike premium its okay, but if they start attacking me thats what I am talking about

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    We all have good and bad days. Us admins are not perfect and we volunteer our time to try to make the servers a nice place for all. I think there is a point where we cant gag and ban everyone and sometimes you just have to ignore the flame. Clearly the flame is high towards you Hausi and I am sorry for this but how are we suppose to fix this? We try our best and sometimes it is just a frustrating mess to deal with. We do deal with it and watch and act when appropriate. I hope you understand and Prime82 is simply trying to do his job as an Admin, as hard as it is.

    Kind Regards

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    Thanks Zentiac, I know you are really doing your best to solve the problem.

    From my experience as far as people understand there is a penalty they will change their behaviour. And we saw that many times before, even a message from the admin can change something, like you do when you are online.

    But if most of the times no admin is on 1.6, especially during evenings, the only thing you can do is to demo, which is hard enough and if thats not sufficient, than we get into a problem as they feel like hey, no admin here, no warning, no ban


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