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Thread: Thanks

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    Daumen hoch Thanks

    Hi Prime,

    I saw you took care of some of the flamers and gave them a short break, even I haven't them reported. I appreciate, good Admin work. As promised, I will will reduce Auto and Spam, maybe not immediately to zero but slow down a little bit.

    Some Players changed their behaviour significant after a break, like Blitz-Killer. He stays very friendly and this is a good motivation for me to not annoy him. We played a good game on Italy recently together, was fun.

    Happy Sunday!

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    Oh, did not mean to ignore this one :) Thanks Hausi. And btw, when I said you never even said thanks, this was not what I thought off. I meant more of what is being said on the servers on a day to day basis :)

    But have a good new year with less auto and spam :D And a tip to even further the great cause, play much more CT on both hossie servers and you will see an even friendlier environment ;)

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