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Thread: StereoNova

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    who else recognized that the player ''StereoNova'' https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198856724086 is wallhacking on the dust2 map? As a long time and experienced player on Saigns maps, I have never seen such an obvious Wallhack. He is always shooting through smoke (yes, and he hits you), curiously enough that he could not know (smoke lies since few seconds, not the usual delay hit after throwing one) that somebody standing 100m away from him without making any sounds (shooting, steps etc.) + he knows perfectly where someone is or shows up. I would say he is an average hitter if it comes to 1vs1, not very good or extraordinarily. Ok, point 2 distinguishes between a new and an experienced player but his steam profile is new, guess not older than 2 weeks and he has only CSS. I know many other decent players having the same suspicion about him, expressed in ingame chat. Maybe a demo is necessary.


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    He is a premiumplayer which let´s him use distanceradar so he can se where u are and he might use nvidia smokebug that´s allowed at saigns. I watched him carefully but couldn´t see any wh . Only thing was that he was teleporting and for that he got kicked.
    Peace and have fun!

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    I have watched StereoNova play and he is not cheating but he laggs a lot constantly. I have repeatedly asked him the fix his lagg. He may have a slow computer or laptop or be playing on wifi and not have a good signal. He looks like he jumps from 1 spot to another all the time. So you don't see him until your dead and this may look like cheating but its simply lagg.

    At this stage all we can do is warn him and ask him to fix his constant lagg. After I get complaints on the server I usually move him to spec as he just ignores my warnings. We can kick him if the lagging is consistent.
    Unfortunately there is no simple answer or fix that we can do. He should fix the issue his end though and we can encourage him to do so.

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