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    Neuer Benutzer
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    possible cheater on mariokart 3

    Name: ツ Nath ツ
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:33348077
    Cheat: aimbot suspected
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    Well i watched the Demos and i have to say i am really not an expert on this game

    If he really uses some Aimbot it might be good ?

    I dondt see any weird scrosshair shaking or straight at the Head aiming.

    The other Demo that u posted in the other thread where Zodiac banned, there u could see that he Aimbot is always locking on the head.

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    Erfahrener Benutzer ZenTiac's Avatar
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    OK I decided to look at these deomo's. Again I play CSS and no expert on TF2. However here is what I found.

    Demo nath.dem
    At tick 10000, 10923, 12300 these all look suspicious but could be normal.
    At tick 14538 the shot is way to the right
    At tick 17859 the shot is way above the player
    Only seems to hit MrSnake in this demo.

    Demo nath3.dem is way more interesting.
    At tick 868 he shoots to the left and kills
    At tick 1300 once again the shot is to the left
    At tick 2500 he gives dmg again while shooting to the right this time and the player was going the same direction as the previous. This point is important as I was thinking it was just lagg.
    At tick 2690 he then shoots the same player with a kill again way off target to the right.
    At tick 4764 gives a bodyshot but once again its registered as a headshot.
    At tick 6700 way off target to the right
    At tick 6990 once again off target and gets another headshot.

    I am not saying he is cheating as I am no expert but I think another demo may confirm or tell us he is just lucky. I am still a noob and I do play with a Huntsman sniper a lot and to me these shots do not look normal.

    Also please type status in the console so we can see the steam id's of who is playing. Also it would have been good to see what ping he was playing with as this could also affect what we see.

    Kind Regards

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    Erfahrener Benutzer Mamba_Kiss_You's Avatar
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    on MK3 there are some .................
    this is whats was someone was with conga taunt i was in spec and what i see? i see the primary weapon with only the sound ............
    THIS IS NORMAL ?? SURE NOT better to spec someone ............ IM NOT A NEW PLAYER .....
    CMON OLD ADMINS ! saigns.de whats happen ?

    один выстрел один убивать ;))
    ╚» Don't cheat, Don't flame, Don't grief, Play fair «╝


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