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    'Idiocracy' is a great movie with some sinister overtones

    'Idiocracy' - is a very funny film, but which also has somewhat unnerving reflections and comparisons to present humans society and the way it is heading.. I recently watched this for the first time as part of my course into evolutionary psychology

    We know by studies that the iq level in white males in western Europe have dropped by 15 points in the last 20 years also seeing similar figures in the usa, and also view the increasing need of corporations to force advertisement on us..

    We also know from studies on the whole that more intelligent people have less offspring..

    So the links from the film to our present human society could be the reason that 20th century fox didn't advertise this film the way they do with other films and on average spent a lot less advertising it when it was completed... Evolution doesn't always go forward and sadly Humans are one of the species where adaptation to its environment has become maladaptive....

    A very funny movie though I urge everyone to see it not only for its comic value but to see as an insight to a the rather un-nerving similarities with our present society... Is the human race heading in this direction? with the appearance of comical people like Trump as a world leader and corporations ruling the world I think it is.. As we persistently move away from the print based culture to a image based culture I think its inevitable that the corporations and elite take advantage of the lowering intellect in people of course for profit and exploitation


    Enjoy the movie & happy gaming

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