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    Beleidigungen und Spam

    The player Meehow is insulting me and Pepe is always targetting at me and some other players.
    Pepe does it since a few days and I tried to ignore him but now he started to annoy me with spam and he does it on purpose. Also some of his nicks targetting other players and contain cheat accusations


    РУБАКА use hack
    РУБАКА ПАРЕHЬ uses hack

    The Serverlogs are on the links below



    Thanks for your time and best regards
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    https://www.saigns.de/bans/info/30045 This guy was straight out using bad words and pure hate towards you and now has a gaga for his efforts.

    The other guy is spamming yes. However he truly seems to believe you are cheating and he does not insult you like the other guy did. So for now I will not take any action against him

    That being said also you need to think of what a compliment it is to be so good that they actually think you are cheating.

    Vielen Dank


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