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    How, and where can I send a recorded cheater?

    I´m so tired of cheaters. Ihave played this game for 20 years and I want ervers to be as clean as possible from cheaters.
    I only play CS 1.6 and i have three 1.6-servers and i feel pretty sure to decide if a player cheats or not cheats

    I will declaim that you have cheaters that have premium-accounts and i hope they not can refered to that aned still be cheating

    I have recs and a steamID, so how do i get this demo to the servers "admins/judges"?

    Best regards

    Loomis, Old Gamers
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    Good evening Loomis,

    You can post the demos here in the forum in the in the right section. Click me

    Here you can see how to record a demo Click me

    We will look at it.
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