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    Does anyone know this guy? STEAM_0:0:45349210 nickname kILLER

    Hey community,

    does anyone know this annoying guy?

    He is always insulting when better players are around. He starts crying and that those guys (including me) were cheating!
    An hour ago he was playing at italy and I killed people like I was using wallhack! Actually there was a weapon pick, kevlar noise or anything else that you can solve using your brain like Player X killed your teammate and you then killed Player Y knowing now that Player X is still there!!!!!

    Then insulting starts and he wants to take demos for valve! I did demos as well at that point! He was crying ervery time and I was talking to a wall! No explanation accepted.

    He said that he plays CS since first release and that he knows cheaters. His newer Steam ID and his gameplay say something else!

    As this wasn't the first time he was insulting me or others I googled his Steam ID and then it was clear who he was and that I know him from the past. He varies names and starts his mission saving the internet from cheating!!!!

    I confronted him that his newer Steam ID doesn't fit with his "first release story" about playing. Then I suspected HIM of cheating and that his very old Steam ID (if it really exists or if it only was another newer one) was banned by VAC!!!

    Funny that he confessed it and at this point the already ridiculous situation becomes really absurd!!!

    You know what I mean? ;)


    Lamb Of God

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    Let's hope that he really starts thinking now maybe!!!


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