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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Spamming/harrasment on aztec?

    Hi all,

    I've been playing on the aztec server for some time and I noticed a gamer by the name of sports.man on the server.
    Without any reason he just starts 'spamming' the chat and harassing Setzer on the server. I know if it bothers Setzers, he will post here as well. He tried to call an admin, but it did not work I think?
    Anyway, he kept spamming and it is quite annoying. When you try to tell him, he just gets offensive. I have a file of the chat so you can see for yourself. I only copied a part of it. The site won't let me upload it, but I can also copy paste if necessary.
    I'm not saying you should immediately ban him, but maybe give him a warning would be nice?

    Thank you!

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    Erfahrener Benutzer
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    I have looked at the logs and if he continues he will get a warning so if you type admin and the reason we will see it and can help you next time. Thx for the notice :)
    Peace and have fun!


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