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    Toxic Premium player continues to harass me and my friends!

    Hi again,
    so last time Mr.Nugget and i decided to report Muslim(https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998066364) for toxic behavior, and we got the answer "next tima call admin". He started again and here is response:

    *Spec* Rattlesnake@SGE Klassenerhalt (Admin): its not enough for a gag or something
    *Spec* Rattlesnake@SGE Klassenerhalt (Admin): next time go to the playerlist and mute him please

    First of all:calling our mother a dog isnt enought for gag, and what is it? 20200629194708_1.jpg
    this happened right after Rattlesnake left today

    Second of all: even if it isnt, he already broke 2 rules, using nick name for insulting other players, and "1.8 Stalking
    Stalking in any form, as well as the intentional "chasing" certain players on the servers will not be tolerated."
    as you can see by chat, he joined to server specteted me until i didnt went afk, so he start to call me a camper and everything alse.

    it is obvious that you won't to gag him because he is Donator, and is it really solution to mute him, i playing with friend (a lot of them) to chill out and now all of us need to do that.....
    I saw other forums where are players complaining about other Premium being toxic, and what is the solution: mute him....
    Sorry for making an roman but this making a bad pic of community.

    Rattlesnake, please, if you cannot resolve this issue, please escalate to your superior.
    Can you take this higher up please?
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    hey s1mplex

    Ja das ist richtig was du da sagst.Verstehe das was du meinst.

    Zufällig oder auch nicht zufällig hat er vor ca. 4 Jahren schon mal so eine Scheiße fabriziert. https://www.saigns.de/bans/info/25187
    Ob das eventuell sein Beruf ist

    Alle Ermahnungen haben ja anscheinend nichts gebracht.
    Aber da sollte man schon was machen.Ich denke nicht das es mit einem Gag getan wäre.Deshalb wird er nochmals eine Spielpause bekommen von mir.Schreibpause schützt ja auch nicht vor Stalken^^


    Wenn das danach so weiter gehen sollte melde dich wieder in diesem Thread.

    Allen ist das Denken erlaubt! - Vielen bleibt es erspart.


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