Hey guys, serious talk time.

So I've played on Saigns on and off for some years, and I'm really wondering what is the state of the TF2 servers. As we know, Valve updated the game's matchmaking some years ago and due to this big reform, community servers have experienced real harm. It's very hard to describe the size of that harm. And aside from truly popular massive communities, many of these communities have died and vanished. Some server providers have chosen to host custom mods (such as x10 and randomizer) to be able to appear different from Valve's casual system and attract players this way.

Vanilla community servers don't attract players the same way they used to and Saigns has chosen to be more vanilla, however, I wonder whether this is actually working out or not. Likely not.

As we know, TF2 is experiencing a serious cheatbot/cheating crisis in its casual matchmaking now. People want games that are free of cheaters and cheating bots, so this isn't the issue we're having. I think part of Saigns lower popularity in TF2 has to do with its premium history, to which many players disagreed with. I wasn't really a big fan of that stuff either. But that is in the past and I think there should be some real mechanisms in place to ensure people recognize Saigns as a legitimate option in the game. As of now, it seems like this isn't there.

Do any of you have ideas how these servers could become more populated?
Sure, playing against bots is also fun but it does get boring after a while.

I really want Saigns to be more popular because of the excellent performance compared to other server communities, as well as there being no advertisements. These are really huge factors that everyone should appreciate in the game.

Thank you reading this, your time & take care.